Energy Trade

Subscribers consuming over the limit set by EMRB (Energy Market Regulatory Board) in January every year are evaluated as Eligible Consumers.  (This limit is set as 2.000 kWh/year for 2019, and it corresponds to monthly invoice total of approximately 80,00 TL) Eligible consumers are entitled to select the company they receive the electricity from.

İCDAS sells electrical energy at prices that would be beneficial for the consumer at any rate by making a discount over the current price lists for the consumers included within the scope of eligible consumers.

Detail information about the energy sales to the eligible consumers is available on Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) section of our web site.

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Besides Eligible Consumers, İÇDAŞ also supplies Base Load and Peak Load Energy to the companies not having any power plant but selling electrical energy, such as wholesale companies and retail companies showing activities in the electricity market.

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ICDAS, apart from fulfilling Primer Frequency Control (PFC) liabilities indicated in Electricity Market Ancillary Services Regulation, makes positive contribution to improve the quality of the electrical system by undertaking the PFC liabilities of the other power plants within the scope of the contract.