Eligible Consumer is a natural or legal person having the freedom of selecting its supplier.It is necessary to consume more electrical energy than the “Eligible Consumer Limit” published by Energy Market Regulatory Board (EPDK) or being directly connected to the transmission system in order to become an eligible consumer. Natural and legal persons, whose annual total consumption exceeding this limit or undertaking to consume more energy than this limit, are entitled to become an eligible consumer.

Amount of annual minimum energy, indicated by Energy Market Regulatory Board (EPDK) every year, consumed to become an eligible consumer.

The Eligible Consumer Limit set by EMRB as of 2019 is 2.000 kWh. Consumers having a monthly invoice amount totalling to 80,00 TL including VAT on average exceed this limit.

Eligible Consumers may choose their own supplier independently from the electricity distribution company they are connected to, and use the electrical energy with more affordable prices with the contracts they make.

There is no need to make any modifications on the electrical installation of the consumers meeting their electricity needs from a private supplier, electricity supply continue uninterruptedly over the existing electrical installation.

Electricity is inherently an unstorable energy source; all producers in the electricity market supply their produced electricity to the national grid. Electricity is transmitted from the national grid to all parts of Turkey through the energy transmission lines owned by the State

No change will be in question as there will not be any change on your current electricity system

The sole authorized company is the electricity distribution company, you are connected to, on issues such as all failures, outages, maintenance and meter reading with regard to the electrical lines in accordance with the legislation. The relations with the relevant distribution company shall continue as there will be not be any change in the form of connectio

No invoice shall be issued by the relevant distribution company, as the charges such as reactive consumption charge, meter dismantling/installation charge, power charge, power excess charge shall be invoiced by the energy supply company with bilateral agreement pursuant to the EMRB board’s resolution dated 18.12.2012.

Electricity Distribution Company located in the same region as the consumer is authorized and responsible for troubleshooting the failures occurring on the electrical installation of the consumer and for its maintenance.

Distribution companies are authorized and responsible for the reading of the electricity meters pursuant to the legislation.

In this context, the meters of the eligible consumers are also read by the local electricity distribution company, and the index information together with “Meter Reading Report” is delivered to the eligible consumer. These reports are delivered to the company, which is supplying the electricity pursuant to bilateral agreements. Also, these consumptions indicated by the relevant distribution company are notified to the relevant supplier through MFSC (Market Financial Settlement Centre). 

Electricity rates are approved and published by EMRB (Energy Market Regulatory Board) every quarter. Electricity prices of the consumers supplying the electricity within the scope of the bilateral agreements are computed with the calculation method set out within the provisions of the signed agreements and reflected to the invoices of the consumers.

Electrical Energy Sales Agreement has to be signed to obtain discounted electrical energy. Along with the agreement, IA02 Energy Buying and Selling Notification Form, Signatory Circular, Letter of Guarantee or DDS (Direct Debiting System) agreement, photocopy of the tax certificate, photocopy of the Trade Registry Certificate (for industrial subscribers) must be delivered to the contract company. Following the delivery of these documents your MFSC (Market Financial Settlement Centre) registration shall be made.

Following the approval of the MFSC, electrical energy supply is initiated within the first transition period.

ICDAS Energy signed agreement with the following banks for DDS: Yapı Kredi Bank, Denizbank and Isbank.

At the end of the month of electricity usage (during the first days of the following month), officials of the relevant distribution company complete the meter reading procedures and inform the consumptions to MFSC (Market Financial Settlement Centre). After the consumptions are input into the MFSC system, the invoice is issued and delivered to the subscriber.

An eligible supplier wishing to change its supplier is obliged to fulfil his liabilities towards his former supplier before entering into a bilateral agreement. (Source: 5th paragraph of Article 7 of Eligible Consumer Regulation)

In the event of consumers being included in the scope of eligible consumer exercising their right to choose their own supplier; it is mandatory for the consumer meters at the common or more than one consumption points to be electronic meters capable of multiple time-slice measurement in accordance with the communiqué published by the Energy Market Regulatory Board.( Source: 4th paragraph of Article 5 of Eligible Consumer Regulation)

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