Apart from electrical energy generation, ICDAS is also engaged in the areas of iron & steel, shipping, shipbuilding, port management, piloting and towage, land, air and marine transportation, brokerage, insurance intermediary services, foreign trade, tourism and construction.

In addition to 405 MW installed capacity owned by İCDAS Steel Energy Shipyard and Transportation Industry Inc. in Canakkale, ICDAS Energy also obtained license for a 60 MW Wind Power Plant again in Canakkale, and the investment process is in progress. The first 600 MW unit of the power plant having 1.200 MW installed capacity in Canakkale owned by ICDAS Electrical Energy Production and Investment Inc. is commissioned in 2011, and the second unit shall be commissioned in 2014. ICDAS Energy is one of the key actors in Turkish Energy Market supply security, with its facilities either in operation or in investment stage.
It offers the electrical energy it produces to the services of industrial enterprises, business organizations and residences with discount advantages. Setting as a target to provide services in a quality, dynamic and expeditious manner to the consumers wishing to reduce electrical energy costs (business organizations, hotels, hospitals, Shopping Centres, residences, industrial enterprises, etc.), ICDAS Energy offers substantial cost advantages with its reduced electricity prices.
ICDAS Energy, bringing its extensive knowledge and technology into the forefront for the sake of offering exclusive services to the consumers,  is aiming to be at the fore in the market by creating more added value to the consumers with its relations based on trust and loyalty.
ICDAS Energy is offering affordable price alternatives and appropriate contract terms to its consumers with its high production capacity power plants. Continuing its activities with the production licence and whole sale licence obtained from the Energy Market Regulatory Board (EPDK), ICDAS Energy is continually regulated in all the sectors it is showing activity in by independent audit firms and EPDK